Pouters Routers and those lazy beyotches

Carpets – after many a call and not showing up between the 8-10 time frame. Not Done

Work – after trying many times to reset internet settings and actually get on line I lost mojo to sit down and work. Tomorrow will be a blast.

Lazies- did nothing to help after I blatantly told them to get up and do so. Tempted to turn off lights water and internet. TV appears to be broken anyway now (think i pulled out a cord when moving for carpet bast*rd) If they cant be distracted by these.. will they do anything? Of course not..

Michael has instructed I bring out the hammer and reincarnate Charity the Bitch.
I hate her and really dont want to go back to who she was or how she could act. Perhaps its time some people saw her. Seems only things that ever got done was when she was in full force and cracking heads.

On the needles – my only joy these days. I finished the body of my little squishee for my cocoa pal. I put together my box of goodies for Deb for the white Jan swap. I am still working on the blanket. I am not knitting any socks. I am knitting some more dishcloths. I am crocheting something that resembles a bag.

I am sewing some for my etsy store which has not been launched.. lol yea im retarded. make it first then display.. saves my brain some space.


Coupons Yippeee!


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I was browsing Sunday’s paper today.  (I’ll pay you Tues for a hamburger…)
For those who do not get it –
Click the pic

You now officially have your very own coupons for JoAnns and Michaels. They are both having yarn and supply sales plus with the 50% off coupon – maybe you could find a tote or some other stock stuffs that you need!

Also my books from BAMM came today… omg ! Book Reviews on the way !

I have two FairIsle books. A Tams book. Two knitting designer types. All so far look amazing especially the really old FairIsle book I found and the Design your Own Knits. Its all charts you easily customize with a cheat sheet to get the right gauge yarn etc for a project. Each and every item has a master pattern then using the conversion you make what you want how you want with your own yarn and even customize sizes. For those of us who dont live in the size 0 world… you know with a 32 inch chest…

Where has it gone?

Seriously is it just me or has this year gone insanely fast ?

In less than 12 days it will be my half birthday. Thats 6 months before your actual birthday. Its a little tradition DB started with his kids. I havent really ever paid attention to it until I realized in 6 months I will be over that midlife age line. No longer will I be a 20 something. No longer will I be a 30 something. I will pushing my way to 40 and while its still 5 years off – its coming alot faster than it should LMAO!
I have never been an age freak. I have been blessed with really good genes and do not look my age. My soft voice always gives people the impression im much younger than I am and I giggle alot, feel like a big kid and have NO problem associating with toddlers or teens.
I think this will keep me forever young in one way. I have a full happy and joyful heart.

I think thats the first time I have said that in several years… wow. Ok moment to reflect there.

Yes I am happy.

 SO the Holiday season is racing into our stress levels.

Take a break go get some Holly Perhaps you would be interested in Decking your Walls or Halls with some handmade goodies. I am all about recycling and we get so many christmas cards every year. There has to be much better ways to keep them after the season ends. I took the handmade challenge this  year and am working really hard to making sure that I buy handmade create homemade and recycle.

 I will not get stressed this holiday season and moving into the NewYear.

Boteh Scarf

I had to put down the DPNs and knitting needles. That’s it. Need a break 🙂

I am pretty proficient in crochet more so than ever in my life. I still have a few issues with reading patterns but that’s what frogs  are for !
I remembered seeing a beautiful ocean wave patterned scarf. Almost like a line of paisleys lined up whooshing down a tiled floor. I found the picture in a crochet flickr group to start and was just smitten with the pattern never having enough faith I could do that. That’s always my stopping moment .. I think oh that’s just too complicated for me I don’t have the skill set.
I need to learn to either stop that voice in my head try and fail or try it and be satisfied I can and did the job.
That voice causes so much doubt everywhere else in my life its not even funny.

 So something amazing happened. I googled the pattern. Found out it was available in the Interweave Press Crochet Summer 2007 Back Issue  Silly me silly silly silly.

I so quickly forgot a few months back I ordered several of the back issues and even got one free in a special promotion they were running.
SO out came all the magazines. Yes I need shelves to store supplies its official. I am organizing tonight.
There it is.. in its wavy glory. I broke out the beautiful yarn Christine  sent me for our scarf swap. I wanted to use this because its so soft blue and beautiful it felt like the Boteh. With in minutes I had worked out the pattern, and my hands were shuttling along creating this fabulous-ness.

I can not believe I completely forgot I had all these back issues !

Transition Gloves – Loopy Ewe Love

Transition Gloves

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My package from the Loopy Ewe arrived yesterday. I was pretty much still in turkey and black Friday coma. I was so excited to see my box and get my hands on the beautiful superwash merino that would become a Christmas present for one VIP shortly.
What I didn’t expect was this care love and attention put into this package.

Sheri wrote a happy little note to welcome me to the Ewe and send Turkey wishes.
” Hi Charity ! Thank you so much for your order. We’re so glad to have you here. Have a blessed Thanksgiving week. We’re thankful for you! – Sheri ”

I include it in the picture – just because it made such an impact on me. I know fiber friends and business owners are some of the nicest people in the service and retail industry. I just like to make note of their kindness and professionalism when I can because I don’t think we as people are grateful enough nowadays for this attention to detail.

I go to get a bagel or cup of coffee and do not even get a smile – yet here I order a pattern and some wool and get a very warm postal hug. Not to mention – did you see the little freebies in there !!
Needle Inventory Cards and some yarn samples.

My next purchase will absolutely include some of this Regia Bamboo. Reviewing the details its part wool part bamboo so not full but a mix. I do not know enough yet about wools and blends to express what this means in knitting news : ) I am learning ! I watched a tutorial on Fair Isle knitting this morning which is what the Transition Gloves pattern stems from. I have not used colors in this manner or worked a pattern where you add in colors to create a pattern. Socks you just follow the stitches : )  and watch them self stripe according to the yarn. There are some super awesome easy patterns on the same site – Knitting Help.
Make sure you take a peek!

Black Friday Coma

So I attempted to do the whole before dawn black friday mad dash. Silly silly silly.
I found an advert on the tv for something Pixie wants for xmas. I have already purchased one online for a pretty good value –  but thought “wow if I can save this much money lets try it” The difference between the two is several hundred dollars and while the one already purchased is MUCH better I thought the other would be a good “starter”. I lay out all my clothes keys wallet and set my alarm. I am out the door by 4am and travel right down the street to my local BestBuy. At my arrival  – the line to get in is ALL the way around the building. You have to stand in line to get a ticket to get your item. Of course you know this story. There are only like 6 of each item in stock as the “door buster” items.

You know this is the biggest crock of pooey I have ever seen. I stood in line just in case. Maybe not all these thousands of people were there for the same thing as me. Yea right. Doors opened at 5am. People had been in line and camping out since 10p the night before. Whatever@!
I get to the tickets – of course its gone.
I leave right then and there and head over to Kohls and BedBathBeyond. I am there right as the door opens and I GET the doorbusters I was looking for there. So I take my time to shop because each store has hundreds of people as well and the check out lines wrap clear around the store 4 times over. I will say I got some great bargains in these two locations, but will I ever do this again? No.
I made it home about 730 am and was a complete waste the whole day.

My soul bloggy sister Angela

So I was reading Ang’s blog  as I do every couple of days since our swap started. It always seemed we had several things in common and I just giggle at her written antics. She can really spin a yarn or two in prose. (hhahahha snort.. spin.. yarn…. hhhh.. heee) Angela was part of one of the swaps I joined. I made a point to visit every blog say hi and try to get to know some new friends.
Today I log on and its been a week since reading last (my flu and all) and I am just floored.. we have been living the same life in different states!! So … here goes…
As posted Sunday Nov 4 I go shopping at Only Ewe to pick up my Atlanta Yarn Hop Passport. I also picked up some yarn for socks. I am determined to conquer DPNs. (yea cause that’s been going so well…) Well the first skein I pick up is TOFUtsies. I love the color and the little crab on the logo. Yes always the mermaid.. the crab attracted my eye. You have to understand I am still in that newbie.. colors logos and feeling inspire me to buy my yarn. I understand ply twist etc matter but to me…. by golly if I love it I will find something to make with it !!!
My second skein choice was made by the store owner Elyse. She suggested a great ply and brand that very usable pretty and easy to work up for newbies like me.

Lo and behold.. who went yarn shopping on Sunday as well in MA ? Why yes it was my funny blog friend.Angela

So scrolling.. she has posted pics of kitties.. well guess what those kitties look like.. none other than the infamous Mr Williamina Twinkle Toes McFluffin himself. I call him Willie for short.. Ang has orange kitties too! Ok ok .. I have 8 cats so my ability to hit every color spectrum is not that rare.. but to have two orange cats – twins and they look like her cats??.. again.. dismiss it as coincidence??? I think not ! I couldnt snap a picture of Smooth Orange Kitty (who is Fluffins twin but..as the name implies smooth and short hair). Fluffins found it rather funny I was chasing him with a camera in a screeching voice pleading with him to sit still. Finally caught him when he was sleeping. However… If we all notice for one minute… the darn cat actually lifted his head and smiled ! What a dork ! After all that chasing !

Speaking of socks… NNN !! FFFFRRR !! This is my first official cast on .. although Ive casted several times and frogged. I cant figure out a decent way to hold all these itty bitty wacky needles at once. Its a little wacky balancing 4 needles while using one to knit.. well two but any of you who have done DPN multiple knitting for those awesome socks.. well you know my agony. I have confidence I will conquer this. Already I am beginining to balance them and I am only on Row4. I am following a tutorial as I go so while not a pattern just yet.. it will be a sock eventually.

The Yarn Shop Hop is in the morning. It runs through the 18th, but I am going to hit all of them in one day:)  I wont have much time this next week with all my training for work to go out. I love contests and prizes… watch I wont win one da%& thing… rofl.

129$ Find – Watch out pattern designs !

Frugal is not even the beginning!
I love to catalogue shop. Its absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt one of my most coveted secret pleasures. I am always disappointed though to find treasures that I would never have any intention on purchasing no matter how much I love due to their insane prices! This lovely tidbit is a perfect example.
Trend wise the last two years have been the year for do it yourself-ers. Crochet Knit and made by man pieces are easily duplicated off of all the runways. Payless Shoes are even popping up crocheted accessories and boots !
So browsing cats today with mom on the deck – shes ordering these insanely priced shoes. Asks me if I want a pair and I just cant find it in my gut to desire a 90$ pair of shoes right now. I look at some of the other items. This catalogue has really beautiful high quality constructed items. I know someone would have no issue paying these prices. Then I see this. I look closely at the HDC and TC and know that I have countless patterns in my circulars free patterns of the day and magazines collected over the years. Racing upstairs excited to the hilt I have made a designer discovery – I open Family Circle Crochet Spring 2007. Whats in the first few pages.. why this pale spring cardigan in pastel green. Ok the basket-weave and other stitches are slightly altered. Here’s the thing though.. any crocheter can take a pattern.. with some little bitty know how – alter cast ons and rows even each stitch to create the look they desire. This pattern is giving me the shell and with a little elbow grease.. I may very well have my first piece to design here folks !!
I am truly inspired and excited !