Coupons Yippeee!


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I was browsing Sunday’s paper today.  (I’ll pay you Tues for a hamburger…)
For those who do not get it –
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You now officially have your very own coupons for JoAnns and Michaels. They are both having yarn and supply sales plus with the 50% off coupon – maybe you could find a tote or some other stock stuffs that you need!

Also my books from BAMM came today… omg ! Book Reviews on the way !

I have two FairIsle books. A Tams book. Two knitting designer types. All so far look amazing especially the really old FairIsle book I found and the Design your Own Knits. Its all charts you easily customize with a cheat sheet to get the right gauge yarn etc for a project. Each and every item has a master pattern then using the conversion you make what you want how you want with your own yarn and even customize sizes. For those of us who dont live in the size 0 world… you know with a 32 inch chest…


Where has it gone?

Seriously is it just me or has this year gone insanely fast ?

In less than 12 days it will be my half birthday. Thats 6 months before your actual birthday. Its a little tradition DB started with his kids. I havent really ever paid attention to it until I realized in 6 months I will be over that midlife age line. No longer will I be a 20 something. No longer will I be a 30 something. I will pushing my way to 40 and while its still 5 years off – its coming alot faster than it should LMAO!
I have never been an age freak. I have been blessed with really good genes and do not look my age. My soft voice always gives people the impression im much younger than I am and I giggle alot, feel like a big kid and have NO problem associating with toddlers or teens.
I think this will keep me forever young in one way. I have a full happy and joyful heart.

I think thats the first time I have said that in several years… wow. Ok moment to reflect there.

Yes I am happy.

 SO the Holiday season is racing into our stress levels.

Take a break go get some Holly Perhaps you would be interested in Decking your Walls or Halls with some handmade goodies. I am all about recycling and we get so many christmas cards every year. There has to be much better ways to keep them after the season ends. I took the handmade challenge this  year and am working really hard to making sure that I buy handmade create homemade and recycle.

 I will not get stressed this holiday season and moving into the NewYear.