Share a Square – for kids with Cancer

Through my web wanderings I found another great site.
If you are new to crochet – want to do something simple that will mean the world to another and make some great little squares – check out Shelly’s site. She is collecting squares for kids with cancer. What a beautiful and fun thing to contribute to !!!
Please read her site  – there are thirteen square patterns by Thorne to even get you started.

From Shelly’s post:

  • To find out more, see the original post here.
  • Updates to the program are found here.
  • See the instructions for a crocheted square here
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    Swaping Excitement!

    I am so excited about both swaps!

    I was geeking online this weekend (gasp I know!) to find patterns for my future spoilers (spoilees?) and was just overwhelmed by all the super fun Halloween and Fall holiday colors.
    I do not know many resources other than my local craft stores to get yarn but I am learning.  I know there are a bazillion local yarn shops here. Perhaps this weekend that will be my mission to find and shop!

    As luck would have it – one thing always leads to another in the world wide web and yarn-holics realm. I happened on a great site – would love to share it – because what I think this woman does is awesome plus these patterns are to die for!

    Let them eat Cake!She crochets for Charity (ahmm no the other ONE)  and offers a delightful presentation and array of goodies. These little treats are actually potpourri sachets. The ones pictured to the left would make such a great gift for a Bride to Be (bridal shower gifts) or as her reception favors (if you are lucky to be the handy helper in that!) With all of Yankee Candles lovely fragrance oils you could custom scent to her liking and pass these as mementos to her quests!~

    Enter Cat’s Dessert Menu  and see why she really is a special lady. I didn’t find much on her site about where to buy these other than her SanFran studio –  but perhaps if you shoot her off a little email she would be able to direct better.

    Ok so another source found awesome – Free Crochet Pattern of the Day – with ARCHIVES ! This is from Daily Crocheter. Uhm doing back flips about now !!! I picked up the Kimono today. Way to amazing for words!
    Can tell I am super busy at work today huh?

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    What Is Your Life Path Number?

    yarn score!!

    I was reading craigslist – as I usually do and found someone offloading boxes of yarn!

    I am so excited I go tonight to pick it up. I am not sure whats in there for certain, as its really a hodge podge of collected stash from years of crafting. I am hoping that most will be nice enough to turn into some chemo-caps or lap-ghans for local charities here in the immediate area. I am going to do some posting on Craigs – FreeCycle and other yahoo groups and see if there is anyone seeking to donate more yarn for lap-ghans. I scored a copy of book #555 from ebay this week! I have seen on various other sites neat projects to complete in addition to making a quilt. Lap-ghans can easily be converted from this pattern as well as cozy pillows. While I build my stitch technique projects like these are really great for learning fingers ! I even somewhat like the rose cream and sage colors. But we all know me. I am really a vibrant color kinda girl. With this new yarn stash it should be interesting to see what I get for color variations.

    My biggest issue to date – I suck at turning. I dont know why – but I really am just horrible at it. Everyones directions are a little different where they want you to slip your hook under. Some say the V’s other say the back loop, most are like not clear at all. Its troubling when I can master all the other stitches – yarn overs – rounds – even filet. Its just that first initial turn off the (CH) that gets me.

    Look a crochet term ehehehh @!!! YAY!~

    Admit One

    Ok so it was a little revealing to actually write my bio page for this blog and not create a *persona* behind the screen.  So much of my other online geekdom is spent being someone else that really fessing-up to what I want to do here and for myself took a little butt puckering self realization. In all my blogs online personalities and webwork, I get to pretend for practical purposes. I supposed everyone does its why the internet has made us disposable people. I wont go into that rant now its wasted on those devoted to cyber sex and hookups and well ok Myspace (which you know I am equally addicted to).  Its just nice to be Me again, for real in some real form.

    This is a post I did on MySpace regarding this weekend and its going to be my opener for today.

    Inevitably as fate would have it – in the middle of *woowoo* with my fantastic partner Saturday evening, we discovered an unusual lump in my left breast. Thank gawd for his magick hands and awareness of my breast structure, I guess he really has paid attention all these years while handling them. Well it wasn’t the *pee* shaped nodule we as girls are *taught* to know in sex-ed in high school. This was hard tender very uncomfortable and every time I think about it I shudder. It really hurt. This is nothing new. My breasts have always been super sensitive, especially around the time of my cycle.

    Sunday I managed to survive my brain deluge of worst case scenarios and even with held from the tear-fest I could feel right under the surface. I have no history of breast cancer in my immediately lineage and few cases in the actual tree, however there is cancer in my family. Its something I will absolutely have to be conscious of later in life.
    I went to see good ol DocWest as fast as my feet would carry me. After a good feel up and a little jumping out of my skin, due to the tenderness present, we discussed the dreaded M word. His biggest response was honestly this is more than likely
    Fibrocystic Breast Disease 
    Or more to the point Fibrocystic Breast Changes
    The schedule pressing of my beautiful mams has not yet been set. It will be with in the next few days. I encourage everyone to read the two articles above for yourself and your loved ones.
    Something really cute – TitBits
    Its a really great site for faux bewbs for ladies that have had to go through the difficult and painful process of tumor removal and surgery. This young lady who is a cancer survivor makes soft pretty boobies for others going through this process.

    I actually thought it would be a nice little gift – for all my girlfriends next Oct to remind them to get their breast exams and     for those who do – get their mamograms. Not only that but its a super adorable desk weight and pink ribbon supporter icon!!!