Starting Seraphina

I have one of my first official works in progress!!!

I am so EXCITED!!

I had the absolute worst day today the car died – I dropped everything was a complete clutz I am worried about  money and the bills arent paid.. ahh whats new! Poo !

So I come home and start this while watching dancing with the stars. I agonized over each stitch to begin with. Now, its coming easier!!! Its a very pretty faint violet yarn. Not really soft as soft can be, but it will be a lovely wrap for winter. Who knows by then I may be such a little twiddle finger that I try something fancy in angora~



Cami Top – to begin

I picked up some really great sparkly yarn close to the thread mentioned in my vintage cami post. I am going to somewhat duplicate, but apply it to modern standards of womanly girth. I want to add it to a tank for summer or as mentioned loose fem satin sheath for a nice summer wearable.

I made my first coaster today – so I think I am slightly more ambitious than I really am skilled to be :). We shall see though. I am choosing simple starter patterns/projects to practice my gauge and stitch skill. Laugh as you will.. I am determined to become this amazing hook maven. I have too much creative fire to sit here and not do with these scraps of this and that littering my home and basement.