Someone in my MagicLoop Group posted a really funy LOL CAT

With my recent feelings on DPNs I thought this was a really great pic. I am adding it everywhere all over my blog.



So what a day !

My brain is absolutely mashed potatoes. Its almost midnight yet again (doing this alot lately) and I finished work around 10p. We have had several fires to put out today. I  am really looking forward to a few days off to knit. Yes I really am be quite.
That being said… I have a delivery on its way from the Loop Ewe.
This makes me really excited. I am making some gloves for pixie and while her scarf is back shelved… the gloves will not be. I just need to find a few hours every night to finish one project at a time. I get so excited. Start 20 and finish none. Akkkk

I will not do that anymore @!

I have discovered my coworker and I share a very kismet connection for all things musical.
I think I will have to make him a scarf for xmas. Hes the snow board mountain man type.. so something woolie warm and rugged. Hes been instrumental in getting me educated on this zaney world of SEM.
Now.. to find his favorite color… its a mystery!

 But Alas.. I go to my happy place and look what Angela Left Me >>> Post O Happiness !!! 
I love socks I really do – but these DPNs make me cry .. case in point I have frogged the purpley happy beachy socks 4 times now.
I am off to get circulars in the morning to work on some of these tutorials!!!