Secret Cocoa Pal Surprises!

Oh be still my HEART !!!
Yes ok so now I officially know who you are my dear secret friend – but we will keep that hush hush for now.. (ahmmm cough cough SARAH!)
How unbelievably sweet of you!

Today my postal carrier left a box and me being the huge dork that I am of course tore into it. It had no defining labels to let me know which company it came from. This led no clues to what was inside. I thought perhaps it was some little something gadget or treasure I had ordered. Being the internet craft Junkie that I am – perhaps something that I ordered for my own pal?

The tape removed the box ripped open.. oh dear


I can officially sock it up!

These are BEAUTIFUL !!!

 How completely thoughtful of you!

I have been blessed by partners in the swaps I joined since Oct (when I first started swapping) and met so many nice people. This pal has commented on my every entry I make and adds some funny comments and sweet ones as well. Shes been really super sweet and that is a highlight to anyones day. Mine – because its just nice to know there are internet friends in the world thinking of you.

You deserve a big wet mooochie kiss my pal !


Romney Blames Porn

Totally Craftster unrelated.. Had to comment on it.

By now or by the time you read my blog, you will have heard Romney announced at about 1230-1p today his intention to at this time Suspend his campaign. He didn’t back out which would mean his super delegates would opt in to highest runner (ie McCain) instead he is suspending. Meaning he will hold these delegates (two) for the time being. In this announcement he mildly endorsed McCain with the statement “Consider me your Conservative Alternate to McCain”


There is to be a great deal of political conversation and debate on this one.

So .. the title of my post.

The beginning of this announcement was spattered with his vast education and worldliness and belief that the US is suffering in the global eyes of other world powers because of our lack of culture. Yea ok.. I can see and validate that point on some terms. There was a spattering of how we are turning into France. Booo was all you heard from the audience. I’m not French Friendly. Ask me about that some other time..
What I did agree with and this was something the French President said to Rom – is that in every world conflict.. we coming into the battle assisting to resolve tyranny never take land claim or over power claim that country as our own. Often we provide extreme financial assistance to allow rebuilding and growth.

(ew just ate a wet chip)

So all this had me fascinated. I have been trying to spend equal time among the candidates trying to decide this year. Its hard.
I never really liked Romney though. For just the fact his first name nickname whatever annoyed me. Unfair. Yes . So I have been giving the guy a little screen time to balance out my bias.
Yea.. SO today…

 Romney blames dead beat dads on porn.


I am a polite young lady, I am a southern belle, I am a single mother. DUDE GO FUKK YOURSELF TONIGHT.

Tell.. me what do you think about when you stroke? Surely it isn’t your wife sleeping next to you, because every adult sensual/sexual study will show even the men we love and adore the most who are wonderful amazing fathers lovers friends and husbands have some little titillating fantasy about someone that is  not their wife (gasp)

You know I am ok with this. I am ok with porn. In fact here’s a naughty schooppp I love it. Well SOME of it. Not all .. some is kinda *stoopid* bland or just plain retarded. That is enough of that – will not elaborate on my personal fetishes or preferences. Thing is I am open minded and respect the fact in a safe sane consensual environment ADULTS have the right to view ADULT materials in their pursuit of pleasure and leisure.

Freaks and sickos who prey on children.. warrant my destructive tendencies and will meet a very heated viper when soliciting attention from me. That being said – people who do prey on children are facing a sickness and taking away porn will not solve this for them as most don’t watch adults doing it. Think about it.. young boys don’t appear in Wicked Video… Club Jenna or SouthBend Productions.

Romney… shame on you for going here.

You had my attention until you pulled the porn ticket.

Only one girls opinion. Two cents … that’s all.


This is my mood today. We are under severe weather watch. Apparently everywhere else in the world they had serious storms last night. Some states even had people stranded and harmed at polls (sucks!) and this little gem of a system is moving this way.
I get very annoyed when systems such as this move towards me. The clouds seem to dictate my mood.

Ok well that and frustration from a particular situation that has me stumped and cranky.

Yea no its the storm.

House Colors – HSKS4

For my pal – Its going to be a custom designed gift. Can you tell which house shes in 🙂
This is actually moving along quickly so I am really pleased. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft. I love the feel of it. I am kinda concerned I may have to add some stability and lining. We will see!



You dont understand… I never I mean EVER win anything @! I always tried at the local fairs to guess how many gumdrops were in the jar or goldfish in the tank. NEVER was I right or selected or NOTHING.

I guessed 100 and Tara guessed 94 so shes dead on or its in between the two of us and shes closer.  Not sure but HOW EXCITING!

Chocolate Scrabble.. are you serious !!!

But oh yes would I lead you astray? Mary and Matt apparently make a little homemade something

something over the holidays and this year yielded this fun little ditty.
How fantastically perfect for our swap friends ourselves or valentines.

You can go to M&Ms site to order.

 What else is perfect – they have the Mr Professor – Texas Instrument calculator I had as a child. I sold it at a garage sale when I was a teen. Ok so this seriously brings back memories.
I wonder if I buy it for Gothlet for Valentines if she will understand the sentimental value of it?

Yea Doubt it!

Feb Projects

Bag – for HSKS partner in the works hoping to finish it this next week

Phiaro Scarf – WIP its going very slowly – but working up well on the beautiful needles Kristi got me

Facecloths – Aunt Betty Aunt Phyllis for Valentines. I am actually attaching a picture of the sisters together. We lost another family member last week. My Uncle Norman. Toodles. He was actually the one that gave Gothlet her nickname Toodlebug. She doesnt remember him. Sad – I would have loved for her to meet him older now so she would have a memory of her family. I am taking her soon to go up and see Aunt B and Phyl. There are only 4 sisters left now includin my mom. Mom is getting very upset about that.