Well by golly you should be darnit! Today in the newsletter there is a great post on knitting tools in your closet. I find tons of daily help topics interesting comments and the best part.. I see the projects from Interweave Knits on REAL people. People with all sorts of figure and bewbies. I have issues doing cardis tops and sweaters. My bewbs are HUGE. KD – problem solved!

As I mentioned in my previous book review (that apparentl I left in draft stage and never committed to blog much like this post) I have discovered some really great basic starter knitting knowledge and education materials.

I also discovered my library is a sad sad place and has such little to offer. There are no books for gothlet and none to be found for my craft needs. I asked the librarian if they accept donations. She said actually yes they do.  I am going to see if some local merchants would be willing to participate in a local book drive. All sorts of books really. Not just for my greedy craft needs 🙂 I was just really surprised to see such a large space void of books. Granted there are plenty of comfy chairs to sit in and lots of space to read research and move about – but thats it!
The back wall of shelved has from left to right X amount of shelves and thats the main bookline and media display. I would say no more than 15 ( I didnt actually count) and you figure front and back shelves – about 5 shelves in unit and only about 4 units per row. Yea… That could be my basement of books…  In the knitting section there were on shelf maybe 10 books. In the search on site – there were only about 22 results yeilded most checked out and some even fiction not craft how to’s.
This library needs help!

Fulton county which is just down the road in Alpharetta – words or phrase “knitting” search found 467 titles.
uh… 467 compared to my 20.. wow. SAD !!!

I did learn the dewi decimal for knitting – usually falls in 746.432 most every knitting crochet and threadwork book  can be found starting in 746 : )

WEBs –
Who knew it existed. I buy ALOT of yarn on KnitPicks. I mean ALOT. WEBS has stuff I have never seen and you know its not expensive! Yea I would travel downtown to KNITCH – Yea I would visit the Roswell LYS but I sometimes have found yarn on the web – that is significantly cheaper even with shipping. I just ordered a ton from KnitPicks case in point – 1.99 a skein free shipping. Thats a deal to me and when your broke as a joke getting those kinds of deals is a big deal. Jitterbug.. 21$ LYS = found on webs 11$ See my point?
Loopy Ewe – Knit Picks and now Webs have a very strong appreciation from me. Its impossible  sometimes to get great yarn at good prices at some local lovelies.
The Yarn and Fiber Company –
Still even better – has NORO and Rowan for under 10$ Not to mention Marisol Products. Plus it doesnt take forever to deliver!
Do you know about the Mirasol Project? It took me this long to find somebody that would sell the yarn!!!


Package from Kristie


I haven’t had time to post in the last few days. Its been as usual crazy around here. I have finally been able to take photos of the box my Jan Swap Partner Kristie sent me. Complete Surprise and really full of goodies.
Ok I said it on the blogspot for the crochet swap – but how much do I love the fact the needles are pink!!! I’ve already got a project on the circulars. Oh yes those RockStar needles actually inspired me to try this knitting in the round thing again.  I am making a Phiaro Scarf from KnitScene. I am about 10% into it. Its a big project and I dont knit as fast as most I think. I dont know maybe I just dont have the time others do to knit projects but I am committed to understanding this one! I want the feeling of knowing I can follow a pattern. Cast On Cottage (LYS) has a class where if you get stuck on a pattern you can go down and they will help you figure it out. Once I get to the end of this I will prob need that as it calls for some stitch dropping. I would hate to knit 22 inches of Stockinette Stitch only to discover I messed something up in dropping and then have to frog!

 Often thats what kills my interest or ability to want to learn new knitting techniques. I get very sad when I mess up and have to frog.
On the needle news – I previewed the Spring 2008 issue of Interweave Knits. Ok how cute is this:

Very Audrey Hepburn!  I really need to order some back issues of IK. There are some really great projects in there. I am also really needing to start watching the ebay side of things for Rowan pattern books. Some of their patterns are just stunning. 

Free Patterns have moved to Knitting Daily. I really have to start checking these sites because I just found some awesome pullovers and patterns for spring!
Also I posted this on ravelry – DOT’S DOOHICKEY
Its a great little organizer and really great for a desk or to use up extra scraps.

Well thats my mental out pour today. I am off to knit while i listen in on a call!