Projected March Project – Shamrocks

I was searching sites for St-Patty’s Knitting and lawd only knows what other keywords. I wasn’t really planning on personally doing any projects but I do have a swap for March and of course our theme is green.
Well so this skully is very cute and any shamrocks of course make me happy.. this simply will not do for a full March Project and even if it would.. too bland. Has to be like a tam.. you know? Full FairIsle like pattern and light enough that its not a heavy winter wooley warmer. March in most areas,  is the last of the cool weather but still chilly to warrant comfort on cool mornings.

Well who would have thought a shamrock clover little shrub O green would be so difficult to resource and draw a basic pattern together for. from. You get what I mean.

The Google – yielding some dastardly pictures:
Shamrock Super Hero.. Lovely.

So I have laid out the charts again and I devoted to designing a shamrock. Now hush. Poinsettia was designed and created into a scarf which is still in the works.. having to stitch for other swap friends right now not myself. But a pattern is easy to get going and work through over the next two weeks so I can post it for everyone to use!

I am off to the library to see if they have any useful details (doubt it in this one horse town) on some pattern suggestions.


Neat Scarf

How awesome is this ! For all those HP fans and those looking for free patterns and fun stitches. I found this while looking for pictures for the HSKS Quidditch Match.
Its an illusion scarf which means when looking at it one way it appears to be slight in pattern when laid the other – the pattern is clearly visible.

Its detailed at Lindsay’s Site
Which I read on a pretty regular basis but missed this from last year. I first found her on Craftster when she was posting about her BrainSlug (Futurama Fans WOOT!)
My first activities in the morning usually involve trying to breeze through blogs. I have so many I love its difficult.
I signed up for knitting daily and found some other great sites to get newsletters from and sign up for free patterns. I really have to post a list sometime soon because I forget where I like to go 🙂