Projected March Project – Shamrocks

I was searching sites for St-Patty’s Knitting and lawd only knows what other keywords. I wasn’t really planning on personally doing any projects but I do have a swap for March and of course our theme is green.
Well so this skully is very cute and any shamrocks of course make me happy.. this simply will not do for a full March Project and even if it would.. too bland. Has to be like a tam.. you know? Full FairIsle like pattern and light enough that its not a heavy winter wooley warmer. March in most areas,  is the last of the cool weather but still chilly to warrant comfort on cool mornings.

Well who would have thought a shamrock clover little shrub O green would be so difficult to resource and draw a basic pattern together for. from. You get what I mean.

The Google – yielding some dastardly pictures:
Shamrock Super Hero.. Lovely.

So I have laid out the charts again and I devoted to designing a shamrock. Now hush. Poinsettia was designed and created into a scarf which is still in the works.. having to stitch for other swap friends right now not myself. But a pattern is easy to get going and work through over the next two weeks so I can post it for everyone to use!

I am off to the library to see if they have any useful details (doubt it in this one horse town) on some pattern suggestions.


Martin Clan Aran Pattern

Martin Clan Aran Pattern

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I fell in love with this sweater this morning. I was looking online for resources to designing your own knitting patterns. I have yet to find any great books for that, but I did find my clan Aran pattern.

In Ireland very few people were ever really identified by a particular pattern – this is true. It is absolutely more of a lure and publicity tool.  However certain families were known for their gifts in knitting and for their ability and education to the craft. My family while all homedo-ers were not so into knitting as herbs and home remedies. However going back through family history there were the other side of the aunts (daughters of my grandfather prior to his marriage to my grandmother) that were excelled in their Irish Knitting patterns.

Many of their favorite cables are represented here which is what drew me in. Does this website know that – I doubt it. But they do offer the accurate family arms and some fun history. Plus the ability to have an authentic Aran pattern – which is awesome. The stitches as they say, do mean something from dreams wishes to stories of my ancestors.

Few clans were associated with the Aran Isles, but patterns made their way all through out Ireland due to the gifted women creating these beautiful sweaters.