Book Review – Sweater Workshop

Sweater Workshop – Jacqueline Fee – Second Edition
Available now also in spiral bound for flat open desk top reference !

Love IT !

So what started out as a trip the library (which is a sad sad sad non crafting place) did result in one or two ok a few treasure finds.
One was this book that I believe I am going to have to buy and add to the personal home library. It starts out with the introduction and basic delivery of “Where did my knitting experience begin” as all good bios do for us. The difference – her defining moment came meeting Elizabeth Zimmerman and discovering there was someone else who shared similar view points on sweater creation and purling. Not only that but basic construction values and principles.

I have read Knitting without Tears and of course love it and am in the process of putting practice to application. This is why my knitting has failed so miserably. I really jump in and don’t READ ! lol. That’s changed now. Reading I am – with focus on gauge and of course practicality.

Moving on to Sweaters – This book combined with EZ’s is offering a host of practicum and making everything click. I think before all the stitch-n-bitch and glory that be to beautiful books such as that and the countless others on the market.. every NEW knitter needs to have these two books in their personal library. That being said they are such a quick easy read and just as quick to begin and apply use that it makes it impossible to not be interested in moving on to all the hip trendy wonderful resources out there.

This books has one other stand out feature.
The Sampler.sampler0002.jpg go ahead.. click it to see bigger!
This little ditty of design genius is the brain child of this book and really defines all the basic technique needed to create your own sweater. For that matter ANY knitted wearable. Well.. coat jacket shirt type wearable. Not sure how skirts etc would measure up to principles since this is a seamless sweater instruction course 🙂
Point being – the sampler really is the base on which you build.


Martin Clan Aran Pattern

Martin Clan Aran Pattern

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I fell in love with this sweater this morning. I was looking online for resources to designing your own knitting patterns. I have yet to find any great books for that, but I did find my clan Aran pattern.

In Ireland very few people were ever really identified by a particular pattern – this is true. It is absolutely more of a lure and publicity tool.  However certain families were known for their gifts in knitting and for their ability and education to the craft. My family while all homedo-ers were not so into knitting as herbs and home remedies. However going back through family history there were the other side of the aunts (daughters of my grandfather prior to his marriage to my grandmother) that were excelled in their Irish Knitting patterns.

Many of their favorite cables are represented here which is what drew me in. Does this website know that – I doubt it. But they do offer the accurate family arms and some fun history. Plus the ability to have an authentic Aran pattern – which is awesome. The stitches as they say, do mean something from dreams wishes to stories of my ancestors.

Few clans were associated with the Aran Isles, but patterns made their way all through out Ireland due to the gifted women creating these beautiful sweaters.