Perfect Halloween Crafts

While its still a few weeks away from October I thought I would find some crafts for my crochet swaps and items for Tween to gift to her girlfriends at school. October is always Breast Cancer Awareness month. So I get the best of both worlds in this month.
The pink for my favorite supported charity and advocacy group.
The orange and black for my spooktakular favorist holiday!

I have to totally geek out to fused bags this weekend. I have piles of grocery bags that have never been turned into anything and I fould a great pattern for shopping bags made with these. I feel so dam quilty everytime they end up in the trash for scooped kitty poop – now I can stop actually bringing them into my home if I have shopping bags to get groceries with in the first place!!! Smart Smart Raven…
The uber great thing about the hip smarties at Craftster is that they seek meaningful ways to not only create art but impact their enviroment with creative reuse recycling and low impact products. I really loved this article and tutorial.


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