Ok ok We get it your moving…

Sometime back I wrote about  my desire to work on some handmade items – perhaps open a store site or such.

I also wanted to promote my blog  more for communication and tips resources and additions from friends in the crafty zone. Well the last past year i have been paying for a domain and hosting service for other projects I dont use. I have been posting to this blog since about htat time as well. Well the light went off.. why not start a foundation for a future web based biz since your PAYING for it anyway.. yea sometimes it takes hte brilliance a little longer to dawn on me.

That being said = I am going to keep this post up through the end of March when all my swaps end and then update any new swaps sites etc with my new link.

Thing is – I thought happyhooking was a funny play on words and also related to my love of the book. Its why this blog was originally founded. However I have also recently discovered several friends and loved ones cant access questionable links with vocab like that at work or whatever.

Yea yea why would people surf the net at work.. well some people actually do that and work and dont get online at home…so we have to be user friendly right 🙂

Please follow the links until you get used to going to hte new site 🙂


Where did she go?

Knotty Purl

Moving My blog

Knotty Purl


Knotty Purl



You dont understand… I never I mean EVER win anything @! I always tried at the local fairs to guess how many gumdrops were in the jar or goldfish in the tank. NEVER was I right or selected or NOTHING.

I guessed 100 and Tara guessed 94 so shes dead on or its in between the two of us and shes closer.  Not sure but HOW EXCITING!

Feb Projects

Bag – for HSKS partner in the works hoping to finish it this next week

Phiaro Scarf – WIP its going very slowly – but working up well on the beautiful needles Kristi got me

Facecloths – Aunt Betty Aunt Phyllis for Valentines. I am actually attaching a picture of the sisters together. We lost another family member last week. My Uncle Norman. Toodles. He was actually the one that gave Gothlet her nickname Toodlebug. She doesnt remember him. Sad – I would have loved for her to meet him older now so she would have a memory of her family. I am taking her soon to go up and see Aunt B and Phyl. There are only 4 sisters left now includin my mom. Mom is getting very upset about that.

To be a Girl

Presents ?

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Ok so heres a little secret – I love getting things in the mail. Its one reason I participate in swaps. That anticipation of seeing the box.. not knowing whats inside and unraveling all its little mysteries is thrilling to me.
On the flip side. Getting a gift from a guy.. WOOOOOOO

So I have been friends with J for a few years and we catch up where and when we can. He has been following some of my meanderings and knows that I love retro vintage smoutchba and ok well what girl doesnt adore cash.

My favorite product store is Sephora. SO they had this eye kit that has been wooing me for some time. As you can tell it showed up with all my other goodies.

Now ok yes everything tucked in here is awesome but let me explain why.

The book has been a work in progress and I know its something J is very proud of. His instructor wrote it and his photos are on the front so I know its a very bi accomplishment. The CD was handmade and I think this is the sweetest. Hes been trying to learn a Japanese Bamboo Flute and these are his recordings. All in all a very sweet package.

I went out last night and bought yarn and knitting makings with some of my money 🙂