Coupons Yippeee!


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I was browsing Sunday’s paper today.  (I’ll pay you Tues for a hamburger…)
For those who do not get it –
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You now officially have your very own coupons for JoAnns and Michaels. They are both having yarn and supply sales plus with the 50% off coupon – maybe you could find a tote or some other stock stuffs that you need!

Also my books from BAMM came today… omg ! Book Reviews on the way !

I have two FairIsle books. A Tams book. Two knitting designer types. All so far look amazing especially the really old FairIsle book I found and the Design your Own Knits. Its all charts you easily customize with a cheat sheet to get the right gauge yarn etc for a project. Each and every item has a master pattern then using the conversion you make what you want how you want with your own yarn and even customize sizes. For those of us who dont live in the size 0 world… you know with a 32 inch chest…


Alter Ego Friday

I’ve decided every friday should be alter ego friday. I personally have choosen three. Does this make me a schitz.. nah…
Every girl in America during my youth wanted to be an Angel. Fast Forward to modern day – we fell in love with three new ones but there is a whole generation lost on what it really meant to be an angel.
I really need to find the complete disc set and relive my youth.

But for alter ego friday – Ive selected a new clip – not only because its got booty shakin (which happens frequently in my living room)
Its got MC Hammer – which come on.. you cant deny you didnt wear those parachute pants and loved them!

PS – There is still a few days left to sign up for the cocoa swap.

Sugar Cookie Reflections

Christmas Willie

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Ok so Willie entertained the house this holiday season. I had no spirit so he jumped right in and took over. It was a good thing. The more I laughed the more I felt like cookies cocoa kisses hugs and piles of wrapping paper. Hes such a great sport and a real ham when it comes to getting attention.
I frogged the whole scarf and started on the new one. Going much better. I cant wait for my books to get here. I keep checking my order but am seeing everything is back ordered. I am going to write today to sort it out because these were ordered long before the holidays with a status of in stock.

So I got work done on the presentation I was supposed to give today. They bailed – never showed up. Heard from the account manager this isnt uncommon as they have been flippant in contractuals as well. Oh well.. I did my duty and razzled the woowoos. It was fun. Had to be super creative because their data is arranged a little differently than most of the ones I have been training on.

My *bossman* C has mentioned that 2008 will be bringing some exciting changes to our team and those of us in place are slated to be leaders in our vertical team. I am excited nervous and moon eyed about this. I finally feel sorted and in the right place.

DB and I need a getaway.

My First Design!

poinsetta patternpoinsetta pattern

♥Christmas Poinsetta ♥

I *designed* a scarf pattern with a color inlay. It’s kind of a “FairIsle” design and something I have been working on to try and teach myself FairIsle color working. I do not consider it nothing more than a work in progress but wanted to share the basic pattern of the color way with you.
The yarn was preselected as a choice for a scarf and then of course I fell in love with Noro mentioned on the Three Tams project. I had nothing to knit up over the last week as I did not organize any knitted xmas gifts. I saw some other patterns that had similar qualities and started playing with working color. What I came up with was wonderful. Then my mind of course started doing overtime and the design got better.
I really like the pattern and may have just created everyones christmas gifts for next year.. WAHAHAH!
poinsetta patternpoinsetta pattern
Needles : US6
Yarn: MC = Lion Brand Micro Spun color 098 = French Vanilla
CC (color B) Noro Silk Garden color = 255
Actual directions will be posted shortly on a real pattern. For those who do color work however and have experience this will allow you to understand my madness. I was able to include two poinsettas in my scarf so I think I CastOn about 50-52 stitches. Just as a starter point. I will revise this again once I actually restart. I have frogged the first one. Its gone.. so lets all have a moment of silence.. lol.

Holiday Hugs and wishes

Merry Christmas!

this gave me a chuckle.. B.O.B from Ravelry:

Noro Nightmares and Buying my Own Christmas

image_200.jpgNoro Silk Garden

Loopy Ewe Love– this week I picked up some DPNs and a Circular that are detailed in Angela’s pattern for her Three Tams  on Knitty Winter. I love Tams and was really excited to find very low cost needles on LoopyEwe. Always a bargain to be found there, I really love the site and Sheri. She includes treats for Loopy Groupies (me) and they are always exquisite. This time two yarn samples included – Lorna Laces (Shepherd Sock) and Cherry Tree Hill (Supersock). I really like getting the yarn cards. To be able to stitch a few stitches feel the yarn and see colorways helps make better decisions about purchases (just my opinion). The second treat was SOAK. This stuff is really a pleasure. Its Eco-Happy and just an all around great product. My thought – this came in perfect time for some last minute knit up scarves for the holidays. I will be able to soak them all and have them fresh and yummy for gifting.

On to the Noro.. this is interesting stuff.. let me tell  you!
I picked up colorway 255 that was again mentioned in the 3 Tams project. Its a weird colorway reminding me of the ocean for some reason. This is my fist time seeing Noro. I have to admit I am a little scared and delighted. Its rough not shiny soft or sparkly- which is usually what attracts me to a yarn. I think its the foamy rough sea after a hurricane look … that makes me think of the ocean and mermaids. Its hewn and yar its so very sea glass… . I am excited to use it. I however have officially decided to take some classes first. All this book reading. All this work on DPNs .. I am not getting the whole knitting in the round – magicloop – dpn- or sock thing. I CAN knit on two needles. I can make dishcloths – scarves and even hats that need seamed. I suck eggs at joining and working proper gauge  much less stitches in the round. Something in my brain just isnt loading the data. So I cleaned out the basement the other day and discovered I have the following books in my library:
Knitting Directory – Alison Jenkins
Kids Knitting – Melanie Falick
Scarves – XRX (a knitters dozen – patterns)

All are very good – but I am actually going to read and attempt to get some deeper feedback. I also discovered a BooksAMillion gift certificate I never cashed in. Well it seems gift cards loose their monetary value a little each year, so I only had about 100$ left on this one. I wasn’t even sure I had anything ON it but low and behold BAMM rewarded me with a surprise. So.. in my quest for deeper knitting knowledge I bought the following for myself for Xmas:
Knitting by Sharon Turner
Teach Yourself Visually Knitting Design by Sharon Turner
Knitted Tams by Mary Rowe; Ann Sabin
Fair Isle Knitting by Sarah Don
The Art of Fair Isle Knittingby Ann Feitelson

The logic behind knitting math is detailed in Sharon’s design series. This is the because problem I have. Anything that involves math – brain blocks me. I am completely math *unable*. So rather than letting this block me any further I am going to work through it. Ive come to discover.. I really can crochet anything. I am a pretty darn swift sweet crochetahooker. Its the K2Got that gets me.. what exactly is a SSK and why do I need to know that again?
Yes yes I really do know..  but when it comes to patterns color work and heaven forbid adding or subtracting for purpose of pattern.. nnnnggggg the headache begins.
So.. part of my self Christmas gift giving was getting some books with this long lost card. Yippee! I need to find a place to log all my books and mags.. cause honestly I have a ton and those that are always asking me what I want (like I am REALLY that hard to buy for) have no clue that I have this secret book fetish.

People I love – I tell you this over and over.
Come on. .. if you cant be creative and go look at my bookshelf – or ask me if I have a particular knitting book.. for goodness sake.. be sneaky or not but buy me books!

Reindeer PortaPotty


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ROFL.. Ok I totally couldnt resist. A fellow Flickr Friend took this and posted to his account. While there are tons of quotes that ring true.. Watch For Yellow Snow.. may be the best one yet ! I have not been in any mood to post much less enjoy the holiday spirit. Not in me this year. Would love to pretend that I have it.. but I just dont. I am not grumpy about the season.. just dont have that HO HO Holiday feeling. Not sad disappointed .. nothing really.. thats the best way to describe it.. nothing.

I wished for snow. I wished for rain. I wished for cookies and pinecones. Something anything that would make it feel like Christmas. I played holiday songs all day on the XM channel hoping to hit that mood.
Decorated did lights the whole shabang.. no spirit.

Well at least humor hasnt suffered.