Topic of the Week #3

What is your most random childhood memory

I have so many. My memories are random because we moved lived and changed so much in my youth due to family changes.

I remember the smell of the desert. Thats the first place I really felt at home and not installed somewhere in military housing, or home restoration projects.

It was a beautiful smell especially at sunrise or in the midst of a summer monsoon. Tucson was not polluted so the fresh earthy smell wasnt layered over exhaust or such. It filled your lungs and wasnt heavy sweet or dry. I loved carrying it on my sky when I came from outside or hanging clothes on the line and having them smell like it too.


One Response

  1. I have a similar memory, but not from my childhood… OK some may say I’m still a child… But I’m not!

    It was the colors and smell in Southern Sahara desert and African countries below it. So unique! Memorable! I was fascinated by it, and still am. I hope I can go there again!..


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